Hermes perfume

Recommended Hermès perfumes that smell good

Which Hermès perfume smells the best? I think everyone has a different answer to this question, just like there are a thousand Hamlets in the eyes of a thousand viewers.

As far as perfume is concerned, I think Hermès should not only smell good. Hermès perfume, I feel, is also a way to reflect taste and attitude towards life.

Hermes still has a different status in my heart, especially when it comes to Hermes bags. But I think perfume, depending on personal preference, you can also buy big brands

Hermes commercial men’s fragrance – the earth is basically known to everyone who has used perfume.

Since the question is “good smell”, I will share a few Hermès perfumes that I think smell good.

HERMES Deluxe Miniature Fragrance

  • This miniatures set includes a 0.25 oz. Jour d’Hermes Absolu Eau de Parfum, a 0.25 oz. Eau des Merveilles Eau de Toilette, a 0.25 oz. Eau de Rhubarbe Eau de Cologne and a 0.25 oz. Twilly d’Hermès Eau de Parfum.
  • Limited Edition
  • This oriental fragrance has a blend of bitter orange, bergamot, ginger, orange blosson.
  • 75ml Twilly Dhermes EDP Splash, 75ml Jour Dhermes Absolu EDP Splash, 75ml Eau de Rhubarbe Ecarlate EDC Splash, 75ml Eau des Merveilles EDT Splash
Hermes perfume

Hermès fragrances worth collecting

Hermes is a well-known fragrance in the world and has established itself as one of the best at creating earthy, fresh, and long-lasting fragrances. From their large fragrance collection, have you ever wondered, what Hermes fragrances and Colognes are the best for men? Below, top10perfumesformen will help you synthesize the Top 8 Best Hermes Colognes & Perfumes for Men Reviews in 2022!


Scent: Hermes Terre d’Hermes is one of the staples of the Hermes Brand. This fragrance has a clean, earthy, and slightly fresh scent. The opening of this fragrance introduces a bitter and citrusy scent. Added to this are floral and pepper notes. These additions perfectly transition this scent to what it’s best known for, its clean, earthy scent. The dry down of this fragrance provides you with a woody and earthy vetiver note. This leaves you with a very clean, masculine, and mature scent that smells fantastic.

Notes: The top notes of Hermes Terre d’Hermes are orange and grapefruit. The middle notes are pelargonium and pepper. The base notes are vetiver, benzoin, patchouli, and cedar.


Best for:  Hermes Terre d’Hermes is a great fragrance that you can wear all year long. This fragrance isn’t overly fresh and sweet. Rather, it strikes the perfect balance between those two extremes. Therefore, it could be worn all year long. This fragrance is quite mature and masculine. Therefore, this fragrance is best worn by a professional, dressed-up, and successful man. It could be worn casually as well, but you’d have to make sure you look confident and sharp.

Hermes H24 for Men Eau de Toilette Refillable Spray

  • H24 Cologne by Hermes, An aromatic green fougere for men
  • A lively, sensual and bright perfume
  • Top Note: Clary sage
  • Middle Note: Narcissus
  • Base Note: Rosewood
  • A refillable bottle with an aerodynamic shape

Hermes Twilly d’Hermès Eau De Parfum Spray

  • Twilly d’Hermès is developed by perfumer Christine Nagel with the desire to make an optimistic, lively and youthful fresh floral but not ordinary scent
  • How-to-Use: For long-lasting effects fragrance should be applied to the body’s pulse points
  • These include the wrist, behind the ear, crease of your arm and knee, and the base of your throat
  • The package dimension of the product is 4″L x 5″W x 4″H
Hermes bag

Most Popular Hermès Bags

Hermes bag recommendation

Hermes is a world-renowned luxury brand, especially famous for its bags. It started with high-end horse gear and has become a leader in the luggage industry. Do you know what Hermes classic women’s bags are?

Three King Kong – Birkin bag, Kelly bag, Kang Kang bag.

1. Platinum bag

The Birkin bag was born by a coincidence. In 1983, when the popular French actress Jane Birkin was flying on a plane, the contents of her handbag accidentally spilled on the ground, so she complained to the men who were seated that she could not find a fashionable bag with a larger capacity. The bag allows her to carry more. And this man happened to be Jean-Louis Dumas, the then director of Hermès, so on that flight, the two drew the design of this leather bag on the back of the sanitary bag of the plane, which was also named after platinum. . The platinum bag series in the Hermes classic women’s bag is definitely every woman’s dream. The platinum bag can be said to be the queen of the bag industry. After decades, it still dominates the fashion industry. 1 million, mainly reflected in the material, the price of handbags made of leather such as goat skin, crocodile skin, lizard skin, ostrich skin, python skin, sturgeon skin, etc. is different. The rarer the material, the more expensive the bag. The platinum bag, which is known for its quality and exquisite workmanship, was launched in 1984 and is still hard to find. It can be said to be a symbol of status.

2. Kelly bag

Like the platinum bag, the Kelly bag in the Hermès classic women’s bag is also hard to find. This series is the signature of Hermès. Due to the complicated workmanship and the rarity, some styles in certain colors can even be sold in the second-hand market. The price is higher than the price. The general price ranges from 80,000 to 300,000. The material and color of the handbag determine the price. In 1956, due to the favorite use of Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco, Hermès President Robert Dumas officially changed its name to Kelly bag. Making a bag requires more than 200 intricate craftsmanship skills such as cutting, sewing, flipping, polishing, beading, etc. It takes at least 3 days to complete. Each Kelly bag has a unique mark on Inside the strap, when the bag needs to be repaired, it will be returned to the craftsman according to this number.

3. Kang Kang Bao

The expensiveness of Hermès classic bags is only one of the characteristics. The more famous one is that even if you have money, you may not be able to buy them. This Hermes classic bag was born in 1969. Different colors and leather styles will be launched from time to time, and each Kangkang bag needs to be hand-made for 14 hours. The general price ranges from 47,000 to 150,000. It is very popular among Hermes bags. , The compact design is easy to carry, and various colors and materials have unique flavors. The “H” logo is very individual and recognizable. The founder’s retro shape is easy to match with clothes. Compared with BK, it is more casual, but the output is low, and it is difficult to get started. Many stores have no more than 5 arrivals a year.

1.Michael Kors Women’s Jet Set Travel Md Carryall Tote


2.Michael Kors XS Carry All Jet Set Travel Womens Tote





Hermes perfume

Hermès Perfumes For Women That Are Oh, So Luscious

The House of Hermès is one of the most prestigious luxury brands in the fashion world. The brand is very much well-loved for its luxury bags and leather goods, but it also has an extensive perfume line that’s worth talking about.

Hermès scents are known for their richness and depth with notes that run deep and complex, if you’re looking for a luxury fragrance that will stand out from the crowd, then Hermès is definitely worth considering.

In this article, we will discuss our top picks of the best Hermès perfumes for women so that you can decide which one suits you best!

Un Jardin Sur Le Nil by Hermes 3.3 oz Eau de Toilette Spray

If you’re looking for a fresh scent that will take you on an olfactory voyage, Hermès Un Jardin Sur Le Nil is the perfect fragrance to start your summer off right. It’s delightful, refreshing and unique—and definitely not for everyone!

  • Item Condition: 100% authentic, new and unused. Un Jardin Sur Le Nil by Hermes 3.3 oz Eau de Toilette Spray.
  • Type: Eau De Toilette
  • Un Jardin Sur Le Nil by Hermes for Unisex 3.3 oz EDT Spray

Hermes Jour D’hermes Eau de Parfum Spray for Women

  • This item is not a tester
  • Packaging may vary
  • Beauty and personal care product

JIMMY CHOO I Want Choo Eau de Parfum 

Item Form Spray
Item Volume 1.3 Fluid Ounces
Scent Floral
Special Feature I Want Choo, the perfect accessory for a modern and glamourous woman.
Hermes Bracelets

Hermès Fragrances That Harness Parisian Sophistication

Few gifting moments are quite as thrilling as receiving something stashed in the signature Hermès orange box. Regardless of the contents—perhaps one of the brand’s iconic scarves, cuff bracelets, or something else—you know it’ll be the pinnacle of luxury in its category. But Hermès offers not just elegant clothing and accessories, but impossibly chic beauty and fragrance formulas, too. We love to add a finishing touch of Parisian elegance with a spritz of one of Hermès’s best perfumes. 

The house of Hermès uses the highest quality ingredients, which have earned many of the brand’s fragrances a variety of prestigious awards. Each scent in the collection evokes a unique mood to capture a range of vibes, from sipping tea in the garden of a storied estate to lounging on a yacht docked in the Mediterranean. (If these types of jaunts aren’t possible in the present moment, they’re just as suitable for a day spent running errands or working for home.) Ready for a fabulous reason to add more luxury—and little orange boxes—into your life? Keep reading to discover our favorite Hermès perfumes.

Hermes Voyage D’Hermes Eau-de-toilette Refillable Spray

  • This product is made of high quality material
  • It is recommended for romantic wear
  • This Product Is Manufactured In France
  • Fragrance introduced in 2010 by Hermes
  • Designed for unisex
  • For casual use
Hermes bag

The most suitable Hermès bag for the party

“If my house was burning down, this Himalayan Birkin bag is the one bag I would try to save,” is what the multi-talented Love Marie Payawal Ongpauco once said. Professionally known as Heart Evangelista, she said this while showing some of her favourite bags on her YouTube Channel in a video, in 2021.

Not just that, the First Lady of Sorsogon also revealed that the bag was an ‘investment piece’, as the price, which pops up on various websites, is thrice the amount she paid when she bought it. In 2016, Time magazine, quoting Baghunter, even went on to say that an Hermès Birkin bag was a better investment than gold.

This is why Hermès is one of the most sought-after luxury brands, and its handbags are as much a status symbol. Read on for the best Hermès bags to invest in today.

a quick history of Hermès

Thierry Hermès started the Hermès brand in 1837, on rue Basse-du-Rempart in Paris, in a workshop. The finesse in his work and the endurance of the products resulted in the brand receiving an award at the Universal exhibition in 1867.

Thierry’s son, Charles-Émile Hermès, took over in 1880 as he shifted the workshop’s location and opened a store, which sold harnesses and saddles. This made the brand a household name throughout Europe.

In 1922, Émile Hermès got the exclusive rights to zips and zippers. He later introduced men’s ready-to-wear garments, jewellery, watches, ties and sandals.

Émile had four daughters, so according to the traditions of that time, he gave the reins of the family business to his sons-in-law in 1951, one of whom was Robert Dumas. It was under his leadership that the luxury brand took the shape of what we know today. Dumas was the brain behind Jeu des omnibus et dames blanches, the famous silk scarf.

He was also behind the Kelly bag and the Chaîne d’ancre bracelet.

Robert Dumas’ son, Jean-Louis Dumas, started heading the high-end brand in 1978, and it was under his leadership that the iconic Birkin bags were introduced. In 2005, Pierre-Alexis Dumas took over as the artistic director and was succeeded by his nephew, Axel Dumas, who is the CEO of the brand currently.


Hermes perfume

Every Bottle of Hermès Perfume Sold Tells a Story—Here’s Why You’ll Love It

Hermès is a designer house we all know and love, but personally (being the beauty editor that I am), I feel like its gorgeously crafted fragrances don’t get enough love. It all started back in 1951 with the brand’s first scent, Eau d’Hermès, a spicy, citrusy fragrance that packs quite a punch. Since its first offering, the house has designed many memorable scents that take the wearer on an olfactory adventure. An adventure filled with enchantment, a little mysticism, and a whole lot of individuality. 

Many invoke the feeling of being somewhere specific—a vacation in a bottle, if you will. Whether you’re interested in testing out its lighter eau de toilettes or bold, vibrant colognes, I can almost guarantee the house has a scent you’ll love. Drawing inspiration from Japanese floral arrangements and secret gardens, you can imagine what a luxurious experience each is for the nose. Hermès was kind enough to provide me with a list of its bestselling scents and what to love about each. Keep reading below for all the details.


1.HERMES Le Jardin De Monsieur Li for Unisex Eau de Toilette

  • Launched in 2015
  • For all skin types
  • It is recommended for casual wear
  • Recommended for spring or summer wear

2.Hermes Twilly DHermes Eau Poivree Women

  • Launched by the design house of Hermes
  • This chypre floral fragrance has a blend of pink pepper, rose, musk, and patchouli
  • It is recommended for casual wear
  • Keeps you refreshing all day
  • Increase attraction and skin friendly fregrance.

3.Hermes Eau De Citron Noir By Hermes for Women Eau De Cologne Spray

  • Launched by the design house of Hermes
  • This fragrance has a blend of lime, smoke, lemon, black tea, citron, and guaiac wood
  • It is recommended for daily use
Hermes bag

Your Guide to the Top 5 Hermès Handbags

An Introduction to Hermès

The Hermès brand was born in 1837 when Thierry Hermès founded a harness workshop in Paris. The company’s mission was to create equestrian leather goods for European nobles. In 1900, Hermès introduced its first bag to consumers: the Haut à Courroies (aka the HAC). This bag was designed specifically to carry riders’ saddles. In the 1920s, Hermès grew to include accessories, clothing, handbags, and travel bags. In 1935, the Kelly – then called the Sac à Dépchêches – was introduced, followed by the Constance in 1959, and the Birkin in 1984. Hermès has always possessed an unwavering commitment to quality and their leather goods are still handmade by highly trained artisans today.

1 | The Hermès Birkin: Timeless and Most Coveted

The most coveted Hermès handbag is the iconic Birkin. Named after actress and “it girl” Jane Birkin, this timeless Hermès purse comes in many color ways, materials, and sizes. The bag was conceived by the starlet and Hermès CEO Jean-Louis Dumas on an Air France flight where Jane urged him to create a Hermès bag with greater functionality. The four most popular sizes of Birkin are the Birkin 25, Birkin 30, Birkin 35, and Birkin 40 (the original size). Even at its smallest, the Birkin 25 can fit all your necessities including phone, wallet, sunglasses, and keys. The Birkin has been a highly coveted bag since the late 1980s, thanks to its timeless design, popularity among A-listers, and limited availability. Hermès stores are only allowed to buy a select number of Birkin bags bi-annually and the styles of Birkin are rarely known before their delivery to the boutique. As a result, finding a freshly-minted Birkin requires considerable time, patience, and flexibility. Resale platforms are disrupting this process by making Birkins more accessible to the public. Regardless, purchasing an Hermès Birkin bag – new or preowned– can be a substantial financial investment. Therefore, a Birkin bag is best suited for those looking for a timeless bag for all occasions.

2 | The Hermès Kelly: Sophisticated Classic

The oldest and most classic Hermès handbag is the Kelly bag. Frequently described as the Birkin’s older sister, and originally named Sac-à-Dépêches, this Hermès Kelly purse was a favorite of actress-turned-princess Grace Kelly, who used it to hide her pregnancy from paparazzi. The Princess of Monaco is credited with popularizing this particular Hermès bag, so much so that it was officially renamed for her in 1977. The Kelly bag comes in two styles: Kelly Sellier and Kelly Retourne. The differences are the stitching and the edges: a Kelly Sellier has visible stitching and a pointy edge, while the stitching on the Kelly Retourne is not visible and its edges are soft. A Sellier is a more structured, rigid bag thanks to the hard leathers artisans use to craft this Hermès purse. A Retourne is created using softer leathers, giving it a more casual look, and allowing it to fit slightly more than a Sellier. Available in smaller, trendier sizes, like the Kelly 15 and the Kelly 20, this Hermès bag comes in medium sizes, such as the Kelly 35, and large sizes, like the Kelly 50. There is an ongoing debate among Hermès handbag collectors as to whether the Kelly or the Birkin are more functional, but one thing is for sure: Kelly bags are for the luxurious sophisticate who wants to add an iconic Hermès bag to their wardrobe.

3 | The Hermès Picotin: Equestrian Inspired Bucket Bag

Hermès references its origins with the Picotin, whose name is the French word for the measure of feed given to a horse. This Hermès handbag is a popular style thanks to its minimalist, functional design, inspired by horse feed bags. The wide, round shape of the bucket bag allows you to fit all your necessities with ease, and the lock closure provides a sophisticated accent. This Hermès bag comes in soft, grained leather that gives the bag a timeless look or in canvas with leather accents, providing a sportier feel. The Picotin leather comes in a variety of colors with either palladium or gold hardware. The Picotin is perfect for someone who needs a casual, simple bag for an on-the-go lifestyle.

4 | The Hermès Evelyne: Equestrian Essential Turned Luxury Bag

Like many other Hermès handbags, the Picotin is inspired by Hermès’ equestrian roots. The bag has perforations that form a “H” on one side, which hint at the bag’s original function: to transport horse grooming equipment. These perforations allow air to circulate the bag, drying wet combs, brushes, and picks. The ventilated side of the Evelyne was meant to be worn against the equestrian’s body; however, now that the bag is considered a luxury good, the perforations are worn facing outwards. This Hermès bag is highly functional and sporty. The Evelyne comes in four generations: Generation I, Generation II, Generation III, and the Evelyne Sellier. Generation I does not have an adjustable strap or an exterior pocket. Generation II also lacks the adjustable strap, but has an exterior pocket. Generation III has both an adjustable strap and an exterior pocket, making it the most functional Evelyne. The Sellier is the Evelyne reimagined: the perforations have been removed and replaced with a diamond-shape “H” printed on the front of the bag. The Generation III and the Sellier are the only two models still being produced. This Hermès bag comes in four sizes: Evelyne 16 (formerly TPM), Evelyne 29 (formerly PM), Evelyne 33 (GM), Evelyne 40 (formerly TGM). The functionality of this Hermès bag makes it well suited for travel or for use as a casual day bag.


5 | The Hermès Jypsière: Crossroads of Sporty and Glamorous

Introduced in 2008 by Creative Director Jean Paul Gaultier, the Jypsiere is a small, highly functional bag that can be worn on your shoulder or as a crossbody. A mix of Hunting bag and Birkin, the Jypsiere is elegant and luxurious without feeling static. This messenger bag features a frontal flap closure secured with a lock and a thick, adjustable shoulder strap. The interior features several compartments, allowing the wearer to keep her necessities organized with ease. Sizes include Jypsiere 28, Jypsiere 31, Jypsiere 34, and Jypsiere 37. This Hermès bag suits a sophisticated person seeking a smaller, more functional alternative to a larger handbag.

Hermes necklace

Choose it for a long-lasting necklace! Hermes necklace

Hermes necklace is a classic among classics. It can maintain the same popularity and fashion sense for so many years. It is very attractive. This necklace really has the temperament of a queen, and it has that kind of domineering temperament. The first feeling of wearing it is the atmosphere. It is no wonder that it has been able to carry the handle in the fashion industry for so long.

The Hermes necklace makes you look good no matter how you wear it, you don’t have to worry about matching it. It is a versatile and versatile style. I was very hesitant before I bought it. After all, the price is not cheap, but when I started it, I was completely fascinated by it. Yes, it feels so natural and beautiful to wear on the neck.
From the perspective of his attractiveness, I feel like he has magical powers. The more you look, the more you can’t take your eyes off. Maybe the first look doesn’t make you feel amazing, but from the second look, you will fall in love with it. Low-key luxury, full of high-end sense, especially suitable for young white-collar workers with professional achievements, and also suitable for quiet and lovely soft girls, and it will not be difficult to control. The rose gold chain makes it look low-key, very pure, and it is also a good match for a skirt or shirt.

So, really don’t hesitate, a necklace with texture must come, all my good friends are in it, and I also recommend a few necklaces to you.

1.Hermes Pop H Necklace Black With Rose Gold


2.Hermes Swift O’Maillon Pendant Necklace


3.Hermes necklace burgundy rosegold hardware


4.HERMES O’Kelly Pendant Small model 



Hermes Ring

Hermes three simple and atmospheric wedding ring series, each wedding ring has a unique design concept

It’s about to usher in the peak season of marriage, and it is the best time for new people to let go! I heard that the probability of a successful marriage proposal during the Spring Festival is much higher than usual~ After all, after seeing the sweetness of others, I also want to have a warm home. Wedding rings can be said to be the highlight of a marriage proposal. In recent years, major luxury jewelry brands have been constantly introducing new ones. These wedding jewelry series rings from Hermès can be said to be quite convincing!

1. Ever Kelly Collection

When you hear Kelly, have you thought of the classic Kelly bag from Hermès? It really does matter, the ring of this wedding ring series maintains the same shape as the lock of Hermès’ insurmountable classic Kelly bag! The twist on the Kelly bag is a fine piece of jewelry. Today, the jewel is used to adorn the brightly coloured crocodile leather wide bracelets and Milanese mesh and gold filigree bracelets. It can also be seen on slim bracelets in yellow gold, rose gold or white gold with diamonds.

Hermès Ever Kelly rings have always featured elegant, simple designs. Many rings are unadorned plain rings, but some have diamonds in the middle. In addition to rose gold wedding rings, Hermès also has thin rings in platinum or diamond-encrusted white gold. There are many choices.

NWB Hermes Kelly Ring- Size 53/ 18 K Rose gold

2.Ever Sellier series

Harness can be said to be the source of inspiration for Hermès jewelry. Whether it is silver and gold horse bits, harnesses, or chains and buckles, they have been interpreted in a variety of styles in various series, and they have always been light, flexible and durable. It also makes the energy, movement and speed contained in it perfectly displayed. Ever Sellier uses intertwined chains in the ring, and some are blessed with diamonds. This series is more suitable for those who like neutral beauty.

Hermes Fine Jewelry Bague Collier De Chien H PM ORR-18k Size 52 Ring

3. Herakles series

The Hermès Herakles series is directly inlaid with the initial letter H of the Hermès brand Logo in the center of the ring, so that people can see at a glance that it comes from Hermès, usually in white gold and rose gold. Compared with rings designed with elements such as Kelly bag locks, anchor chains and harness chains, this series of ring rings is wider, which is more suitable for girls with more fleshy hands, and can be well hidden. Trim off excess flesh and trim fingers.

Size 56/7.5 Authentic Brand Hermes Herakles Wedding Band. 

The above is the summary of the three simple and elegant Hermes wedding rings. I wonder if you have seen your favorite wedding ring? Nowadays, wedding rings are not only very important when getting married, but also playing a very important role when proposing, so choosing a ring that your girlfriend likes will increase your success rate! Especially for the products of the long-awaited brands, it must be carefully considered and not sloppy.