Hermes Bracelets

Hermès Fragrances That Harness Parisian Sophistication

Few gifting moments are quite as thrilling as receiving something stashed in the signature Hermès orange box. Regardless of the contents—perhaps one of the brand’s iconic scarves, cuff bracelets, or something else—you know it’ll be the pinnacle of luxury in its category. But Hermès offers not just elegant clothing and accessories, but impossibly chic beauty and fragrance formulas, too. We love to add a finishing touch of Parisian elegance with a spritz of one of Hermès’s best perfumes. 

The house of Hermès uses the highest quality ingredients, which have earned many of the brand’s fragrances a variety of prestigious awards. Each scent in the collection evokes a unique mood to capture a range of vibes, from sipping tea in the garden of a storied estate to lounging on a yacht docked in the Mediterranean. (If these types of jaunts aren’t possible in the present moment, they’re just as suitable for a day spent running errands or working for home.) Ready for a fabulous reason to add more luxury—and little orange boxes—into your life? Keep reading to discover our favorite Hermès perfumes.

Hermes Voyage D’Hermes Eau-de-toilette Refillable Spray

  • This product is made of high quality material
  • It is recommended for romantic wear
  • This Product Is Manufactured In France
  • Fragrance introduced in 2010 by Hermes
  • Designed for unisex
  • For casual use
Hermes Bracelets

Top 5 Hermes Bracelets You Should Be Collecting Now

A Brief History of Hermès Jewelry

Hermès jewelry finds its origins in the Chaîne d’Ancre bracelet, released in 1938. The classic design took off and has since been used in many Hermès jewelry collections. In 1976, Hermès launched their original scarf-print enamel bangle line. These bangles were based on the Grand Apparat print designed by Jacques Eudel. Pierre Hardy joined Hermès in 1990 and became the Creative Direct of Fine Jewelry in 2001. His presence at Hermès has led to many innovations. All Hermès leather jewelry uses blind alphanumeric stamps that indicate when the piece was made as well as the workshop that produced the item.


2.HERMES Multicolor Bangle Bracelet – Narrow Bracelet in Enamel with YG Hardware



3.Hermes Red/Gold Enamel 1789 Liberte Egalite Wide Bangle Bracelet Size 65


4.Hermes Clic H Bracelet Noir



5.HERMES Paris Wide Black White Enamel Carriage Equestrian Bangle Bracelet Austria

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