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Hermes three simple and atmospheric wedding ring series, each wedding ring has a unique design concept

It’s about to usher in the peak season of marriage, and it is the best time for new people to let go! I heard that the probability of a successful marriage proposal during the Spring Festival is much higher than usual~ After all, after seeing the sweetness of others, I also want to have a warm home. Wedding rings can be said to be the highlight of a marriage proposal. In recent years, major luxury jewelry brands have been constantly introducing new ones. These wedding jewelry series rings from Hermès can be said to be quite convincing!

1. Ever Kelly Collection

When you hear Kelly, have you thought of the classic Kelly bag from Hermès? It really does matter, the ring of this wedding ring series maintains the same shape as the lock of Hermès’ insurmountable classic Kelly bag! The twist on the Kelly bag is a fine piece of jewelry. Today, the jewel is used to adorn the brightly coloured crocodile leather wide bracelets and Milanese mesh and gold filigree bracelets. It can also be seen on slim bracelets in yellow gold, rose gold or white gold with diamonds.

Hermès Ever Kelly rings have always featured elegant, simple designs. Many rings are unadorned plain rings, but some have diamonds in the middle. In addition to rose gold wedding rings, Hermès also has thin rings in platinum or diamond-encrusted white gold. There are many choices.

NWB Hermes Kelly Ring- Size 53/ 18 K Rose gold

2.Ever Sellier series

Harness can be said to be the source of inspiration for Hermès jewelry. Whether it is silver and gold horse bits, harnesses, or chains and buckles, they have been interpreted in a variety of styles in various series, and they have always been light, flexible and durable. It also makes the energy, movement and speed contained in it perfectly displayed. Ever Sellier uses intertwined chains in the ring, and some are blessed with diamonds. This series is more suitable for those who like neutral beauty.

Hermes Fine Jewelry Bague Collier De Chien H PM ORR-18k Size 52 Ring

3. Herakles series

The Hermès Herakles series is directly inlaid with the initial letter H of the Hermès brand Logo in the center of the ring, so that people can see at a glance that it comes from Hermès, usually in white gold and rose gold. Compared with rings designed with elements such as Kelly bag locks, anchor chains and harness chains, this series of ring rings is wider, which is more suitable for girls with more fleshy hands, and can be well hidden. Trim off excess flesh and trim fingers.

Size 56/7.5 Authentic Brand Hermes Herakles Wedding Band. 

The above is the summary of the three simple and elegant Hermes wedding rings. I wonder if you have seen your favorite wedding ring? Nowadays, wedding rings are not only very important when getting married, but also playing a very important role when proposing, so choosing a ring that your girlfriend likes will increase your success rate! Especially for the products of the long-awaited brands, it must be carefully considered and not sloppy.

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